The Church Doctor Who Saved the Franciscans

June 15 is the feast of St. Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure was born in Bagnorea in 1221 and baptized John; he became Bonaventure when he became a Franciscan. He served for 17 years as a teaching friar. Many of his fellow friars had conflicts over the interpretation of poverty. Some of these friars even ended up in heresy saying that Saint Francis and his community were inaugurating the era of the Holy Spirit which was to replace Jesus, the Church, and Scripture. Bonaventure held true to the principles of the Church and managed to structure the Franciscans through effective legislation. He offered the friars an organized spirituality based on the vision and insights of Saint Francis. Bonaventure is a doctor of the Church and is best known for his teaching that “Jesus is the center of everything”. While participating in the Second Council of Lyon, Saint Bonaventure suddenly died on July 15, 1274.
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