May We Sing Like the Angels in our Preaching and Prayer

On Nov. 22nd we celebrate St. Cecelia, Virgin and Martyr.

St. Cecilia is known as the patron saint of musicians; but do you know why? St. Cecilia heard an angel singing during her wedding just before she took her vows. She told her husband that she had taken a vow of virginity and that she had an angel protecting her. Valerian asked to see proof; she told him that his eyes would be opened if he traveled to the third milestone of the Appian way. He met Pope Urbanus, and was baptized. Upon his return, Valerian saw the angel at his wife’s side. She converted many people. She was executed by Almachius. The executioner could not cut off her head and she was left to bleed to death. She continued to preach and pray until she died three days later. St. Cecilia, help us to persevere and may our fidelity to Jesus last; may we seek Him who comes in purity and humility of heart.

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